The Best 50 Public Listed Companies 2021 & Trifecta Award.

We are proud to announce that SMSM is one of the companies in the list of the 50 Indonesia's Best of Best Companies 2021 and for the 2nd time awarded the Trifecta Award (for winning 3 years in a row) by Forbes Magazine. The list is intended to show the best companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Companies included in the list are selected through a rigorous selection process, by looking at the long-term performance of the company’s candidates, such as revenue growth, profit and rate of return for shareholders.

The methodology: Companies were ranked based on a composite score using multiple metrics assigned various weights in a formula including five-year net income growth, five-year RoE and RoA growth. Those results were then screened for governance.

The companies in the list of 50 Best of the Best Companies are companies which have good overall performance and have sustainable growth; not just the performance of the company within a year.