The structure of Company’s operation costs is dominated by materials and services costs. As such there is a need for a synergy and cooperation between the Company and its partners and suppliers to provide products and services that meet Company’s products quality requirements at the right time, at the right location and at the lowest possible cost to help Company obtains one of its missions to operate efficiently and to maintain its competitiveness in the component industry.

The Company has procurement teams which are responsible for buying goods and services.


Through procurement solutions, the Company aim at creating a sustainable competitive advantage for its business.

Corporate procurement team is a support function that serves the business of the Company for management of purchase of goods and services. The main focuses are the security of supply and financial contributions to the business. Corporate procurement team act in accordance with ethical and environmental principles.

Expectations towards our suppliers

  1. Suppliers must comply with the Company Code of Conduct and Supplier Integrity Pact
  2. The Company is looking for suppliers who can support our business for a commercial, regulatory and supply chain risk reduction perspective
  3. Suppliers should be committed and able to support us globally - if applicable for the product group
  4. Suppliers should be willing in cooperation with the Company to create value for both parties

Suppliers Integrity Pact