As a part of our commitment to focus on customer centricity, the Company ensures that all of products, from raw materials, packaging until finished goods, comply with global regulations as well as automotive components industry standards. To ensure that all required standards are met, the Company's focus on assuring that every stage of processes starting from pre-process, in-process, and post-process are fully under control.

In conducting its business operation, the Company implements a comprehensive and integrated quality management system, through a program of stringent quality controls. Within its production process, the Company ensures that all production facilities comply with the requirements under regulation of ISO/TS 16949.

Align with the Company commitment, starting in early year 2018 the Environmental Management System Certification has been conducted and on December 2018 the Company was successfully granted with the ISO 14001:2015 certification for the scope of Design and Manufacturing of Filters (Air Oil, Fuel, Hydraulic). Meanwhile, all of our manufacturing sites and quality aspects are in full compliance with ISO standards. This demonstrates the Company's commitment to always focus on fulfilling excellence standards with Quality Management System in place to meet consumers’ and customers' requirements.

In the marketing of its products, The Company adopts the approach of routine correspondence as well as annual meetings.

To minimize consumer loss that may resulting from the use fake products of filters and radiator, the Company has been regularly delivers alerts to all distributors of the Company to be conveyed to the its consumer about characteristics of the original Company's products including information that the trademark "SAKURA" and "ADR" Radiator is an Indonesian Brand and registered under PT Selamat Sempurna Tbk.

The Company respects the privacy of its costumers and take stringent measures to keep their personal data secure. All consumer data is kept safely in Company's sales force system.

With costumers at the core, the Company always commits to accommodate costumers' complaints on product and service quality and to transform their feedback into valuable information for continuous improvement.

The Company received no claim reports which are material regarding to product quality.